Elegance and innovation for wine enthusiasts and collectors

Discover the uniqueness of angled edge wine glasses – a rare gem in the world of glassware, truly worthy of a collector's display. These elegant thin glass wine glasses are more than just drinkware; they're a captivating work of art. With their exquisite angled design and delicate pink hue, they make a stunning addition to any collection.

Elegance and Innovation for Wine Enthusiasts and Collectors Featuring Pink Colored Wine Glasses
Looking for a Great Gift Idea? Consider Pink Colored Wine Glasses

Looking for a great gift idea?

Set of 2 pink colored wine glasses, elegantly presented in a branded box with a special design, is the perfect choice for enthusiasts who appreciate Frosted Colored Wine Glasses. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or any celebration, these unique wine glasses are more than a gift – they're a symbol of thoughtfulness and style.

Pour, sip, and savor

Elevate your wine ritual with the "Lidy" pink wine glasses set of 2. Pour, sip, and savor your favorite wines in a cute wine glass that's as extraordinary as the moments you create.

Pour, Sip, and Savor with Pink Colored Wine Glasses

Unpacking Glassware Set

Amazing Features

Picture of Premium Colored Collection Featuring Pink Colored Wine GlassesVector Illustrating Premium Colored Collection of Pink Colored Wine Glasses
Premium Colored Collection
Picture Showcasing Unique Design with Frosted Texture of Pink Colored Wine GlassesVector Depicting Unique Design with Frosted Texture for Pink Colored Wine Glasses
Unique Design with Frosted Texture
Picture Highlighting Amazing Features of Pink Colored Wine Glasses
Picture Highlighting Hand-Blown Delicate Craftsmanship of Pink Colored Wine Glasses
Hand-blown Delicate Craftsmanship
Vector Showing Hand-Blown Delicate Craftsmanship of Pink Colored Wine Glasses
Picture of Pink Colored Wine Glasses for Everyday Enjoyment & Special Occasions
For Everyday Enjoyment & Special Occasions
Vector Representing Pink Colored Wine Glasses for Everyday Enjoyment & Special Occasions

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Wine Glasses
I’m truly enjoying it!!!❤️

I liked these wine glasses at first sight. When I was looking for new colorful glasses drinkware, I wished to get something exceptional. And one of my unique finds was these wine glasses. The frosted coating gives them a refined look. There’re many different cool wine glasses in my bar set – I love modern glassware; but this serving set feels like no other! Length of the stem, volume, height, shape – when I take one of the drinking glasses, I’m truly enjoying it. But you can’t see from the photos that these glasses are made of very thin glass. Each one is lightweight, which is clearly nice, but you have to be careful using them, especially while washing. Also I have to keep them on the top shelf so that none end up in the hands of children. Someone might really consider these are acrylic wine glasses at first glance, due to the very dense frosted coating and bright colors. But in fact it’s a sophisticated and very fragile accessory for wine lovers. I like these crystal wine glasses – they have finally completed my collection.

August 18, 2023
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Wine Glasses
Beautiful Presentation!

Sturdy and durable wine glasses. Dust transfers, therefore, I needed to wipe them down. They are easy to handle.

July 24, 2023
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Jasmine M
Wine Glasses
Very Nice!

I love the colors!

July 31, 2023
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Why do pink wine glasses feature such an unusual cup shape at the top?

In the process of crafting our barbie wine glass, we aimed to unveil unprecedented wine aromas. The distinctive shape, featuring a sloped top, enhances the wine’s aroma, allowing you to appreciate even the subtlest notes.

Is it convenient to drink wine from this tall wine glass with a angled edge?

Doubts are not necessary! This angled edge, like the whole unique wine glasses set, was invented in order to better convey your wine's taste. Thanks to this feature, these big wine glasses will become your faithful assistants in the search for the new subtlest wine flavors.

What makes colored wine glasses different from regular ones?

First and foremost, our Lidy colorful wine glasses are meticulously handcrafted. Their design—a hybrid of Burgundy and Bordeaux wine glasses—makes them versatile. These glasses are perfect for savoring a variety of wines, whether red, white, or rosé. Their delicate pink hue and clear or frosted finish options make them truly unique. It's important to note that these aren't stemless; their colored stems prevent your hand’s warmth from affecting the wine's temperature.

Are these outdoor wine glasses durable enough for outdoor events?

These cool wine glasses can be used both inside and outside at your events. But there is one important note: observe yourself and explain to your guests as well that these are exquisite outdoor glasses that feature ultra-thin glass. Therefore, you should be careful with these pretty wine glasses, and your delectation will last forever!

What are the guidelines for cleaning these cool wine glasses, are they dishwasher-safe?

Our unique glassware, crafted with ultra-thin glass, isn’t suitable for dishwasher cleaning. For best results, gently hand wash using a soft sponge and mild soap, avoiding abrasive materials and excessive force. After washing, rinse and let them air dry. If necessary, polish each glass with a clean, dry cloth to remove any remaining spots. For an extended lifespan of your colored wine glass set, handle with the utmost care during cleaning.