Affiliate program

What’s the point

We are not shy to say that the main task of Yaro Trading is to achieve the Aesthetic of Daily Life. We are saying it now and we repeat it again and again that our products make people's habitual life more comfortable and healthier – in a word, better!

And we invite you to stop being shy too and become a part of our movement. Let's make people happier together! But we both know that at first we have to help each other. Join our Affiliate Program – thrive, help and earn!

How it works

We are going to tell how the Affiliate Program works for those who are not familiar with it yet and for those who have already collaborated once.

The whole process consists of two simple steps:

Step one: If you have your own website or blog in any social networks, if you have a growing audience, then email us and specify the subject as “Affiliate Program". In your letter, we want to find out who you are and what you do. Tell us more about your blog. Then we will reach out to you to discuss all the details.

Step Two: After you have emailed us and we found you interesting, you get a Commission Based Link. Speak about our products with your audience, share products with the link to people. By helping them, you help yourself, since you receive a commission after each successful purchase through your link.

We are thrilled to cooperate with each of you. Go ahead, contact us! We are waiting for your applications and your offers via email