Elevate your wine experience

Elevate your wine experience with our exquisite colored wine glasses set of 4. With a generous capacity of 13.5 ounces, these colorful glassware are thoughtfully designed to enhance both the visual and sensory aspects of your wine time. The set features four captivating colors blended with unique frosted texture.

Elevate Your Wine Experience with Frosted Colored Wine Glasses
The Epitome of Elegance Featuring Colored Wine Glasses

The epitome of elegance

Perfect for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions, Lidy colorful wine glasses set seamlessly integrates with any table setting, adding a touch of sophistication that's second to none. The four-piece ensemble isn't merely glassware; it's an investment in the art of dining and a statement of your discerning taste. The epitome of elegance for your table setting.

Looking for something a bit different? Explore our vibrant clear colored wine glasses or the chic pink colored wine glasses with an angled design for a stylish alternative.

Unpacking Glassware Set

Amazing Features

Yaro Trading's frosted colored wine glasses set amidst a chic, minimalist table decor.
Premium Colored Collection
Close-up of wine droplets on the exterior of Yaro's frosted colored wine glass, adding allure.
Unique Design with Frosted Texture
Yaro's frosted colored wine glasses, their frosty texture juxtaposed against velvety rose petals.
Yaro's frosted colored wine glasses nestled beside a cozy fireplace, enhancing the evening's ambiance.
Hand-blown Delicate Craftsmanship
Group of friends celebrating, clinking their Yaro frosted colored wine glasses in cheer.
For Everyday Enjoyment & Special Occasions

Make your home more elegant right now!

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Wine Glasses
I’m truly enjoying it!!!❤️

I liked these wine glasses at first sight. When I was looking for new colorful glasses drinkware, I wished to get something exceptional. And one of my unique finds was these wine glasses. The frosted coating gives them a refined look. There’re many different cool wine glasses in my bar set – I love modern glassware; but this serving set feels like no other! Length of the stem, volume, height, shape – when I take one of the drinking glasses, I’m truly enjoying it. But you can’t see from the photos that these glasses are made of very thin glass. Each one is lightweight, which is clearly nice, but you have to be careful using them, especially while washing. Also I have to keep them on the top shelf so that none end up in the hands of children. Someone might really consider these are acrylic wine glasses at first glance, due to the very dense frosted coating and bright colors. But in fact it’s a sophisticated and very fragile accessory for wine lovers. I like these crystal wine glasses – they have finally completed my collection.

August 18, 2023
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Wine Glasses
Beautiful Presentation!

Sturdy and durable wine glasses. Dust transfers, therefore, I needed to wipe them down. They are easy to handle.

July 24, 2023
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Jasmine M
Wine Glasses
Very Nice!

I love the colors!

July 31, 2023
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What makes colored wine glasses different from regular ones?

First of all, Lidy colorful wine glasses are handcrafted. The cup features a thought-out form (mix of Burgundy and Bordeaux wine glass), making them truly universal wine glasses – perfect for savoring the full range of red, white, or rose wine flavors. They boast a unique color palette: Magma, Night-Sky, Fir-Needle, and Sakura. Unlike colored stemless wine glasses, these are colored stem wine glasses, preventing the wine from warming and preserving its taste. The combination of the cup and stem creates the perfect aerating wine glass.

What kind of wine and drinks are these wine glasses colorful ideal for?

These multi-colored wine glasses feature a classic tulip shape, making them versatile for any wine or drink. They are not merely specialized red wine glasses or white wine glasses. Experiment with the combination of the color of each glass and different wines for an aesthetic effect. For instance, green wine glasses can be ideal chardonnay glasses, while red ones are perfect as burgundy wine glasses. They are also ideal for wine-based cocktails, serving well as sangria glasses or aperol spritz glasses.

Does the frosted finish of these set of 4 wine glasses wear out after several uses?

Rest assured, the frosted finish of the set of 4 wine glasses won’t wear out with proper care. Avoid using a dishwasher and wash them by hand strictly according to instructions to maintain the finish.

What are the guidelines for cleaning these cool wine glasses, are they dishwasher-safe?

No, this is the unique glassware with the ultra-thin glass, so it’s strictly no dishwasher. Only hand washing and your best careness. Remember never to use brushes or powder while washing. It should only be soft sponge and mild soap. And do not apply much effort during washing. Having the whole colored wine glass set washed, rinse them carefully and leave to dry. If it's necessary (in order to remove occasional stains) wipe each of the color stem wine glasses with a dry, clean cloth afterwards.

How do traditional glasses or, for example, estelle colored wine glasses compare to your product?

Our color crystal wine glasses are not funny wine glasses. Do not consider them as ordinary drinking glasses, fluted wine glasses or iridescent wine glasses. This is unique glassware, created by craftsmen, it passes a thorough quality control. In addition, you will never find such ultra-thin glass from other brands. Lidy wine glasses are the epitome of luxury and sophistication, they are created for the most refined wine connoisseurs.

Are these outdoor wine glasses durable enough for outdoor events?

These cool wine glasses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. However, handle them with care due to their exquisite, ultra-thin glass design. Proper handling ensures these glasses last, providing endless enjoyment at all your events.