Maximize Your Workout: 6 Essentials for a Successful Gym Session | Collapsible Water Bottle

July 13, 2023

A great way to gain your strength, stamina, will–power and all such is to workout. No matter how long you’ve been going to the gym – it’s never a bad idea to learn something useful or brush up on some of the must-haves for good training.

Stay focused on doing sports, on proper exercise form and spend every minute with benefit and comfort. So are you ready for a good sweat? Then let's pack your gym bag!

1. Think about your clothes

This is really something to think over in the first place. The point is important for two main reasons:

  • You’ll need good sportswear while doing sports
  • You’ll need dry and fresh clothes after doing sports.

Good-quality sportswear allows you to workout comfortably

When you wear your usual clothes, it will instantly get soaked with sweat and become flabby. It's also significant to

Choose sports shoes instead of regular ones

There's a chance to rub calluses during active movements, but that won't be possible in sports shoes.

Be sure to get yourself a big waterproof bag. You can put wet clothes inside after a workout and it's also helpful for something else – we'll come back to this in the following points.

And remember, it’s always better to take a large sports bag with several compartments right away. Why? This way you can separate your shoes and never get your clothes dirty.

2. Always stay cool and healthy!

As you know, after doing sports, the human body releases lots of endorphins into the bloodstream. Even after a tough day at work and a whole hour at the gym, you come out fresh, vibrant and ready for new deeds. That's why you should always have personal care items in your sports bag.

So it doesn't matter where you’ll go right after the gym: maybe you decide to get home, call on friends, or maybe have a visit to a nightclub. Be sure – you definitely look compelling!

The most crucial ones: shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. Choose the rest at your discretion.

3. Enjoy the modern world benefits

Now we’re living in such a time that everyone can do sports efficiently. There's almost no need to hire a personal trainer who’d tell you how and what to do.

Your personal trainer is already available on your smartphone. Not one, but a hundred at once!

In addition to apps, don’t forget about accessories: smartwatch and wireless headphones.

Track your state together with your smartwatch. Check your pulse, see how many calories you have already burned and realize how much more you need to workout today. It's just great!

And never forget that music and training are made for each other. Wireless headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks and move freely, like music is playing inside your head!

4. Water is the key to your energy level

You certainly noticed that one day you easily coast through the training – you feel full of strength and energy, but the other day you're like a squeezed lemon. It's all about your hydration.

“Stay hydrated” – you've probably heard this before.

And this phrase makes a lot of sense! You see, in order to feel good (at any time of the day actually), you have to maintain the correct water balance in your body – you should always have a source of some fresh water.

To tell the truth, it’s nearly impossible without personalized water bottles. For example, you can use one of the reusable water bottles for this case – a water bottle by Yaro brand.

Silicone travel bottles are suitable for any kind of use. Use this bottle water in your gym as a sports water bottle with a sports lid to drink frequently and quickly. But it’s more than just a gym water bottle – use a different lid, a monolithic one in your everyday life to have a daily water intake bottle. And look – it has a carabiner, so that it can be attached to your travel bag anytime to become a part of your backpacking gear.

Our Collapsible Water Bottle is an excellent choice for gym-goers. It’s not only a gym essential but also a versatile accessory for daily hydration needs, thanks to its portable and eco-friendly design.

It's so convenient to have such a workout water bottle for the gym, because it's folding.

Yeah, this is one of the collapsible water bottles!

Just imagine that after your workout, this bottle doesn't take up extra space and at home you can easily clean it since it’s one of the dishwasher safe water bottles too.

In a word, this lightweight water bottle is simply fantastic!

5. It's better to have your personal stuff

When we talk about a gym, we certainly realize that all modern gyms is fitted with all kinds of sports equipment.

However, when it comes to sports mats, we confidently recommend you to carry your personal sports mat at all times.

Don't worry, you can easily roll it up, put it on top of your gym bag and you won't even notice it. The thing is,

You DO know your sports mat, you look after it and you're the only one using it

When you use it – you're simply safe. As for using sports mats in the gym... you can't tell if the person who used it before has washed his head – no one knows. So, don't risk it.

6. Forget about ordinary bath towels

Everyone sweats a lot during sports. That's normal.

But if you only have an ordinary bath towel in your sports bag – that's just not good

Let's explain: such a towel absorbs only a fraction of the liquid and stays wet for a very-very long time; when you’re exercising for an hour and wiping your face many times, at some point of time the towel literally stops fulfilling its function.

You’ll only feel worse because you are wiping your face with old sweat

Get a special sports towel for the gym that is made out of microfiber. This material easily absorbs a lot of liquid and yet dries quickly.

By the way, we talked about a waterproof bag in the first point. You can put a used towel inside it as well. After a good workout, you need to take a shower and wipe up – right after that a waterproof bag comes in handy.

Let's summarize and highlight the main

We all know that doing sports is important and necessary. Our life, our health, and our emotional state depends on it.

No matter where you want to exercise – at home or at the gym – the main thing is to do it with comfort for yourself. 

The key thing among all these items are obviously leak proof water bottles. You can do without shampoo, a second pair of clothes, or even towels. It might be uncomfortable, but you can still do your exercises. Whether you prefer working out at home or at the gym, comfort is key. Among all workout essentials, a leak-proof water bottle like our Collapsible Water Bottle is non-negotiable. It not only ensures you stay hydrated but also makes your exercise sessions more enjoyable and effective. Remember, maintaining your water balance is crucial for sustaining energy levels during workouts!"

But it’s just not possible to do proper exercises without some fresh water

You won't get any pleasure and effect if you don't have and use cute water bottles. Remember that your water balance is your energy!