Boosting Efficiency: 4 Life Hacks for a More Enjoyable Workday | Collapsible Cup

July 13, 2023

It's a smell of flowers coming. Warm sun rays make their way through the window. And some beautiful birds singing outside. There's just one wish and we all know it – give up on that job and go on a picnic with your family or friends. But this is the place where the dream becomes so fragile that it doesn’t hold any water – who would pay for that picnic if nobody was working? Calm down!

We are going to look through a cool list of 4 top life hacks on how to burst your efficiency, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your job again and again. Let's go!

1. Stop allowing yourself get distracted

Today's gadgets are very deceptive. On the one hand, you can't abandon your phone – what if there's an emergency call?! You can't refuse a smartwatch – you have to know a clear time. But on the other hand, both of these devices (like everything else) are over complex. You know what we're talking about. Notifications from an infinite number of messengers alone are a terrible evil that greatly distracts you.

Our advice is simple: turn off everything that is possible, and put everything that is not into the “do not disturb” mode.

2. Distraction – bad

Scheduled Breaks – very good

Getting distracted is really bad, but the reason is not that you are wasting your time, but that you are out of pace. When your phone makes the sound of yet another notification many-many times per hour, sooner or later, you will glimpse it and lose the pace. The pace is crucial!

That's why you should schedule your breaks, since it's also bad to work continuously.

Try to get up at least once in 45-60 minutes to pour some fresh water, to see your lovely pet, to water the flowers, to wash the dishes after breakfast and... more on this in the next sections.

By the way, it’s better to use the timer on your smartwatch (with the “do not disturb” mode enabled!). So, you can't pause for more than 5-10 minutes.

3. The key to your energy and efficiency

Interesting fact: you can work on time-management as long as you want; you can keep track of your habits, maybe stop smoking; you can avoid distractions and much-much more, but your strength level and productivity will still be low. Why? Science has long provided an answer to low energy issue.

It's all about your water balance

The water balance in the human body plays a key role in all processes. And this is not surprising if you consider.

The body of an adult consists of about 65% water. When there is an excess – we feel bad. When there is a serious lack – we feel bad again.

As you might have guessed, the most difficult part is to

Maintain the proper water balance throughout the whole working day

Keeping a can of water on the working desk won't work. When you want hot tea, it will cool down quickly. To put an ordinary glass on the working desk is also not a good idea – it can tip over and all your work will quickly come to an end.

In this case, reusable cups with lids and straws by the Yaro Brand perfectly come in handy!

This is where our Travel Collapsible Cup comes in handy. With a volume of 480 ml, it’s perfect for 1-2 hours of work, ensuring that you stay hydrated without frequent refills. Its leak-proof design means you won’t have to worry about spills, and the included carabiner makes it a great companion for weekend hikes.

4. Work not only with your head, but also on your body

Regular physical activity helps you with everything.

  • It helps you to distract yourself, but you don't stuff your head with messengers, you really give a rest to your brain.
  • You care about your back, since your muscles get stronger. 
  • And let's discard modesty – due to the fact that you get up at least every 45-60 minutes and do something, you significantly reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.
Push-ups and squats are fine for light home workouts. And if you have a pull-up bar you’re totally a lucky one.

Don't forget about your eyes too so as not to wear heavy glasses in old age. Go to the window and first look at the finger in front of your nose, then quickly look out the window, then back at the finger and then out the window again – 3 minutes straight every hour is enough.

Let’s draw the line

In conclusion, following these tips can make your work feel easy and enjoyable again. Always keep an eye on your hydration levels, and make it easier with our Travel Collapsible Cup.