8 Decor Ideas to Transform Any Space into a Cozy Home | Tabletop Firepit Included

July 7, 2023

A “home” in today's world is a very multi-faceted concept.

Practically every place where you reside can be called a “home”. Your “home” can be an apartment on the 25th floor in the center of a busy city. Your own house that you bought or built together with family and friends can also be a “home”. While for some, a “home” is just a rented apartment or even a room.

There's no difficulty in finding a “home” for yourself – a place where you can live. The difficulty starts when you can't feel this place like your real home.

A real home is a place where YOU ARE comfortable, warm & cozy.

Yes, your home design may not be as perfect and ideal as you've always wanted, but you can try to make something better out of it! You can create a place for yourself where it will be easy to relax and unwind. It will be a place where everyone in your family is going to feel like they are in heaven. Today we will tell you how to achieve this.

We're going to share a few simple steps and recommendations, so that you can feel your place in a completely new way quickly and easily!

1. Brighten up your space with different Texture

Most likely, you are considering now what this term means and what you need to do. It's simple.

Texture is something that helps to stand your place out

Texture gives your space more volume. By adding some texture, you will feel how even a small room fits the whole world now!

You can use anything for this, but you should consider: lots of pillows, a couple of wicker baskets, large and soft blankets, a plaid on a couch, as well as wooden or metal furniture.

Here are some 5 quick ideas for you how to work with it:

  • Do you see a sofa or an armchair? Throw some pillows! The more pillows, the better
  • Cover any empty floor with a rug, so you can anchor any room
  • Add more blankets and plaids to each room so that you can always keep warm & cozy
  • Try to combine different things from different materials in one space and you will be surprised at the texture effect! E.g. mix metal furniture with wood – rest assured, you’ll get a TON of texture!

2. Use warm tones

No matter what kind of interior you have – warm tones suit any space. Warm tones create a feeling of comfort and calmness. No real house can do without it! And actually this point is the easiest one.

Just try replacing some of your furniture like your bedside tables or coffee tables for others with warm tones. This way you can quickly and easily spice up your interior with warm tones. 

Despite the fact that this is an easy point, it is really significant

Warm tones are the basis, this is the “foundation” of a well-made cozy interior.

You can be sure that by paying enough attention to this point, you are already doing 50% of all the work.

3. Lighting - that's the secret

Let's keep talking about warm tones and colors. The topic of indoor lighting is incredibly extensive! Almost everything depends on lighting: your mood, your emotional state, your energy, productivity and even desire to wake up in the morning.

Cold light for your home is not the best decision ever! It fits well for an office space (and you can use it in your home office, btw). But if you want to create a gentle and cozy atmosphere, it is better to use warm lights. 

In addition, it's important to have both ceiling lighting with table lamps and candles

Before going to bed, it's so better to use candles – they give a feeling of comfort and, if you want, can add a pleasant flavor to the room.

4. Add some nature to your space

Now we're talking about house plants and everything related to it. They add SO MUCH texture – you just can't imagine, but you have to try!

It can be anything from simple plants or flowers from a nearby store, to wreaths and cool branches.

In addition, we all know that greenery at home is good for your health. Caring for flowers adjusts you to the right mood, and the green color is positive for mental health.

5. Everything at once?

For now, we've talked about texture, about warm tones and colors, about nature and lighting. But you have to know that there's such a thing as a portable fireplace – it combines all of these.

For example, let's look at the tabletop mini fireplace by Yaro brand. The design of desktop fireplace is a timeless trend with geometric shape and soft texture. Such a style of this portable campfire fits into any interior and really gives a LOT of texture.

An indoor fire pit is a useful element of your future interior

You can use it alone or with your family. Throw a party and cook delicious s'mores with this marshmallow roaster. You can turn off headlights, sit next to the fire pit, watch the flames, talk with the kids and cook desserts. It's going to be so cozy and inviting. Cute!

6. Just use books

We see that more and more people are now switching to E-readers.

Real books – which are so beautiful, pleasant and warm – are falling out of favor. But they definitely have no equal as an element of a cozy decor!

Just add books to literally every room! Place a book on the coffee table, a couple of books on the bedside table, throw one on your sofa, and so on.

You have to believe – your space will feel incredibly cozy after that

Although this is just a small interior detail.

7. Old doesn't mean Poor

Old things might be different – some of them really become useless, but some acquire a second life as rustic or antique decor! You got it right, such things are not just an element of rich and fancy big houses. Not at all. There are really-really expensive antiques indeed, but not for our case.

You can use any old stuff: a cabinet with chippy paint, a coffee table with some rustic touches. All this gives old charms, warms your space and adds some style.

There is no necessity in adding such things to each corner. Such an old decor should be the icing on the cake for your cozy interior.

By the way, try to mix something old and new

For example, combine a new IKEA coffee table and an old wooden chair with warm tones. It's going to look amazing!

8. Spice it all up with some dark color!

Last but not least point. We've talked about the essence of comfort, that it REQUIRES adding more and more warm tones. The goal is to achieve such a state of your interior that white is the major color. It's all true, but also

We pointed out the necessity of contrast and the importance of texture. That's why we recommend you to add the last super-cool detail to your almost ideal interior – Chalkboard!

Look, we're adding a piece of a dark color to this whole white interior. And what will we achieve with this?

That way you can highlight a certain wall or a specific place where you put a chalkboard

And they are SO different, btw – from small to really big. You can even make one yourself!

The chalkboard adds a fine texture to your interior. And it's useful – write reminders, motivational quotes on it, or give colored chalks to children for drawing.

Let’s conclude

We hope these 8 steps assist you in creating a home that feels truly yours, offering comfort, warmth, and coziness – the hallmarks of Yaro Trading! For a quick and versatile option to add warmth and comfort to your space, consider our table top fire pit bowl.

But comfort, warmth, and coziness in the house is our passion, the passion of Yaro Trading!

You can follow each of them one by one, or you can choose just one, something simple and versatile, something that you can easily order right now and add warmth and comfort to your space literally today or tomorrow. Of course we are talking about table top fire pit bowl or indoor smores kit – call it whatever you want!